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Your Ultimate Filmmaking Learning Guide: A List of Best Filmmaking Courses Online

When it comes to choosing a career path, filmmaking hasn't always been one of the first options that come to one's mind let alone in the 'Top 10' list. Naturally, not a lot of importance has been given to getting institutional education for filmmaking. However, our generation tends to get attracted more towards creative careers and today, every other person wants to make a career in filmmaking.

Sadly, those who wish to get educated in this field are stuck at home due to the pandemic, with very few learning options and even lesser work opportunities in the film field available to them. While it's true that a subject like filmmaking can be best understood and learned on-ground, with hands-on experience, it is always a great option to invest your free time (if a pandemic allows you to) in acquiring skills that may help escalate your career, especially when some online resources available are as good as an undergraduate, postgraduate or diploma course in filmmaking.

Some great people on the internet realise this and offer a pool of filmmaking courses online to choose from. Although these online courses have been surfacing around for long, with the number of options available today, the process of choosing the best ones out of them can be overwhelming.

To help you filter out the best from the rest, we have created a list of value-adding online filmmaking courses that can help you set foot in the industry like a pro! Let's begin scrolling.


1. NYFA Online Filmmaking Workshops

The New York Film Academy offers a number of online filmmaking courses, with both full-time and part-time options. The course module is centred around various aspects of filmmaking such as writing, direction, cinematography, short filmmaking and much more. The intensity, however, depends on which course you opt for. They offer options of 1-week course, 2-week, 4-week, 8-week and 15-week online filmmaking courses. Although, it is always a good option to learn from one of the best and most popular filmmaking schools in the world, the only drawback is that the cost of these courses may be too high for a lot of us.

Cost: $450 - $3600 (USD)

2. Sundance Online Courses

Sundance Institute offers a variety of self-paced as well as live online filmmaking courses through their website - Sundance Collab. These courses are modestly priced and are centred around anything and everything film-related, such as Film Direction, TV writing, Film Producing, etc. Taught by industry professionals and prestigious awards winners, courses offered by Sundance can prove to be very helpful in learning the basics and finding your way around in the film industry.

Cost: $295 onwards (USD)