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The Indian Film Institute is a Non Governmental Organisation co-founded by Manoj Srivastava and Saibal Chatterjee in the year 2005  to help film making community get easy access under one umbrella to Film Festivals database, funding, production, distribution and exhibition options and to promote understanding and appreciation of the cinematic art. IFI through its various activities seeks to promote Films and Film makers, the art, commerce and science of Cinema.


The Indian Film Institute is an initiative to preserve the heritage of the motion picture, honour film makers and their work and to educate the next generation on the appreciation of the cinematic art. As a nonprofit organisation, IFI is the torch bearer in the fields of Film and Television, dedicated to initiatives that blend the past, the present and the future of the moving image art forms.


The IFI honours film and television artists, their work by posting Reviews, organising Ratings of the cinematic arts, conducts regular  Workshops, Master Classes and film festivals to promote and preserve the Cinematic heritage of India. IFIF also connects Indian Policy makers with the ground situations through Trade Bodies and Film Associations. 


The prestigious Board of Trustees and the Advisory Council chaired by Manoj Srivastava along with Founder Trustee Saibal Chatterjee comprises of key film industry figures, international film makers and former bureaucrats that guide IFI. As a nonprofit  organization, IFI relies on the generous financial support from moving image arts enthusiasts like you to provide funding for its programs and initiatives.


Become a member of IFI today and play your part in preserving as well as making Indian film history.

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