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Student Work: Discover Cinema

Updated: May 31, 2021

Work Showcase of Indian Film Institute and Discover Cinema Students who made films, written scripts, acted, edited films during and after this course. A few of our students got early success and made their work was screened at various film festivals globally.

IFI Alumni excel at UK Asian Film Festival

IFI proudly shares the achievement of its alumni Ajeet Kumar & Anupam Khanna Baswal, students of the First Batch for producing and directing the feature film 'Gutter Boy' . The film is selected at UK Asian Film Festival, London and being screened now. Congratulations Ajeet and Anupam, keep it up. Part of IFI's first workshop at Kiran Nadar Gallery of Arts, Saket in the year 2018, Ajeet is an Actor while Anupam is a Film Director. Both are successfully engaged in film production.

The programme launched by the Indian Film Institute to empower media, theatre, performing and visual arts students educating them in the craft of film making, has already begun to produce results. 

Presenting 'Blink' a film made by Akhil Lotlikar, one of the students from the first batch of Discover Cinema Programme.

Talking about the programme, Akhil Lotlikar says," I was inspired by a thought which resurfaced as I was cycling one evening, everyone perceives a certain situation in their own unique way. The start of something new seems very exciting but often people lose interest once they reach the midpoint of the journey, but if we just change the way we perceive the situation our whole perspective towards it can change for the better, by thinking that new opportunities await for us at every turn and obstacle we face, hence the quote ends with "but it's new dawn".

Lighting a Frame

Discover cinema has proved to be a course which really focuses on the essentials of film making and is very successful in instilling ideas on how to convey a good story visually. Building up the fundamentals is a key aspect to mastering anything and discover cinema really gives importance and attention in the key fundamentals of film making."

As part of the course, several students have come up with remarkable screenplays, pictures, and films.

Student Screenplays

As part of the Discover Cinema Programme, the students are required to write a short screenplay for a 2–5-minute film after Week 2 of the Course. Below are some of the screenplays written by students of the programme:

Student Screenplay - Ghost in the Closet by Manish Kumar Sharma

Student Screenplay 1
Download PDF • 92KB

Student Screenplay - Stronger Together by Tushar Joshi

Student Screenplay 2
Download PDF • 48KB

Student Screenplay - Water

Student Screenplay 3
Download PDF • 74KB

Student Screenplay - Nightmare by Deepanshu Gupta

Student Screenplay 4
Download PDF • 20KB

Divided into six modules over a six-week period, Discover Cinema Programme is taught by the leading Film Professionals of India. This online course allows students to learn from their home or office environment crafts like Screen Writing, Cinematography, Editing, Direction, Short Film making and much more. The successful students are certified by the Indian Film Institute, New Delhi as Level One professionals. 

Explore Discover Cinema by Indian Film Institute and explore filmmaking as a profession.


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