• Kriti Agarwal

Made a Short Film? These are the 5 Things You Absolutely Need to Send with your Film

Now that you have made a short film, the obvious next step is to get it seen, either through the film festival route or by distributing it to online OTTs. How do we do that? Is sending a link to your film enough? Well, not really. Sure, your film has a story that you think is worth telling. And if that's the case, people who show interest in your film would also like to know the story behind the film and the story of the filmmaking.

Hence, you will require a number of documents and materials to accompany your film that will not only help to promote the film but will also help the audience get a better idea of it, get to know the filmmaker and crew, and even help them contact you, maybe for appreciation or feedback. So, what all is there that you need to send along your film file/link? Find out below.

1. Press Kit

A presskit is a detailed booklet of your film, containing promotional materials and information about the film, filmmakers, other creative players involved, and everything else that could be used to promote the film and also act as an informative resource book about the film. Film Festivals around the world consider it as THE MOST IMPORTANT element of the film distribution, yet is ignored by many new filmmakers. An ideal Press Kit should contain the following:

  • Synopses of the Film in three different lengths - short, medium, and long.

  • Information and details of Cast and Crew.

  • Any interesting details like shoot locations, duration, credits, etc

  • High-Resolution stills from the film

  • High-Resolution stills of 'Behind the Scenes'

  • Director's Note, stating the intent behind making the film and its significance

  • FAQs covering the most common questions related to the film or production

  • Reviews and third-party testimonials

  • Contact Details - How to reach the Director or Producer, their social media pages, email addresses, etc.

2. Vimeo Screener

Those who send their film file through Vimeo, often forget to send something as basic as the file password, which in most cases leaves a bad first impression. It is often a tedious task for festival organizers or content acquisition teams of OTTs to run after filmmakers asking them for file passwords again and again, especially when they are already equipped with a lot of other important tasks. So, it is always best and wise to double and triple-check that you have clearly mentioned your file password for their easy accessibility. Important N