Learn Filmmaking for FREE! YouTube Channels to follow for Best Filmmaking Resources

The internet, especially Youtube, is full of indie filmmaking experts as well as big and small names from the world film industry sharing tutorials, tips, resources and imparting knowledge and education on filmmaking and film business for free for all the up and coming filmmakers, or people who are just curious to learn.

There is a more than generous amount of resources one can find around filmmaking on the internet. Hence, it becomes a difficult process to decide which ones to follow and which ones can help us best with our learning experience, or simply feed our curiosity about films and filmmaking.

To save your time and energy in choosing the content that deserves your attention, we have spent hours surfing through a crazy number of film-related YouTube Channels and created a detailed and comprehensive guide on our top choices of channels that cover different aspects of filmmaking ranging from screenwriting to cinematography and lighting, to post-production and even film distribution and marketing. So, continue reading to find some of the best filmmaking channels worldwide below (in no specific order).


1. Film Riot

You probably already know about this one. With a subscriber base in millions, Film Riot is a go-to channel choice for all new and old filmmakers alike. With a wide variety of 'how-to' videos on almost any and every topic, like cinematography effects, post production, filmmaking tips, etc; Film Riot (in their own words) explores the art of filmmaking in a way you've never seen.

Follow for: DIY Filmmaking

2. Filmmaker IQ

This channel is basically a film professor you never had, who is also fun. It includes video essays explaining film concepts and making them seamlessly easy to understand, film reviews, equipment reviews, the science behind lenses and other filmmaking equipment, among many other things.

Follow for: Video Essays on Film and Technical Concepts

3. Premium Beat

This royalty-free music provider by Shutterstock dedicates its Youtube Channel to helpful and compelling video tutorials on video production, editing, motion graphics, and much more. They focus on everything creative!

Follow for: Video Production and Editing

4. Indy Mogul

A house to so many interesting 'how-to' videos on topics like 'how to shoot a commercial', 'how to achieve soft-top light', etc, film analyses, gear review, tips and much more, Indy Mogul is a one-stop destination for most of your filmmaking education.

Follow for: Filmmaking Tutorials and Film Analyses

5. Studio Binder

Studio Binder is easily one of the Top 5 filmmaking channels to provide filmmaking resources of all kinds, and provides top-class education on any and everything related films. Primarily a Production Management Software, its Youtube Channel covers loads of film resources such as in-depth analyses, scene and script breakdowns, explanations of film concepts and much more.

Follow for: Understanding Films and Filmmaking

6. Diorama International Film Festival and Market

It won’t be fair to not mention our very own Youtube Channel especially when it brings you exclusive content like interviews, masterclasses, webinars and much more from filmmakers and film professionals from not just India but around the world who talk ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ of the filmmaking process and so much more. Being a Film Festival Channel, it focuses on content that actually matters to budding and new filmmakers and that can help them ace in their careers.

Follow for: Exclusive interviews, Masterclasses, Workshops, etc.

7. Tomorrow's Filmmakers

With over 1,000+ video lessons and 100+ hours of content, 'Tomorrow's Filmmakers' teaches everything you need to know to start your filmmaking journey, whether that is starting your own videography business, beginning your journey as a film director, jump starting your acting career, or just dabbling in film. It offers lessons for beginners as well as experienced filmmakers. Wherever you are in your filmmaking journey, Tomorrow’s Filmmakers is for you.

Follow for: Concept tutorials, filmmaking lessons, and advice on film business

8. DSLR Guide

Created and hosted by Simon Cade, this Youtube Channel covers every step of filmmaking starting from pre-production to mobile filmmaking to cinematography to audio and editing. It's a one-stop destination for filmmakers of all levels and one can learn a lot by not only the tutorials by Simon Cade but also by his personal experiences that he keeps on sharing.

Follow for: Film Production lessons


9. Film Courage

If you are a budding screenwriter or film director, or have already set foot in the industry, you should not miss out on following this channel. It brings to you tips and tutorials on screenwriting and film direction, and great interviews of some top names in the industry that guide you about the do's and don'ts when writing or directing.

Follow For: Screenwriting and Film Direction Guidance

10. The Script Lab

Following this channel is a great way to remain updated with industry trends, tips and expert opinions as it brings weekly content of interviews and discussions with writers, filmmakers, and film school educators.

Follow for: Screenwriting Discussions, Tips and Techniques

11. FAST Screenplay

This premiere Screenwriting resource is aimed at helping and supporting new screenwriters in kickstarting their career by providing videos exploring every aspect of creativity, screenwriting, the business, how to survive it, and how to truly realize their unique voice and vision.

Follow for: A FREE and comprehensive Screenwriting Course

12. Robert McKee

One of the most sought-after screenwriting lecturer around the world, Robert McKee has been mentoring and educating screenwriters, playwrights, novelists and others since the last 30 years. Through his Youtube Channel, he tries to educate filmmakers and screenwriters across the globe on a wide variety of topics and answers their questions.

Follow for: Screenwriting Webinars and Q&As

13. Now You See It

Now You See It is a media analyses channel that analyzes and breakdowns scripts, scenes, acting, cinematography, editing, and basically each component of a film. It aims at explaining the 'whys' behind the 'whats' in any film. Hence, it makes an excellent choice for writers to understand the filmmaking and writing process in depth.

Follow for: Film Analyses and Explanations

14. Every Frame a Painting

Although out of operations since 2017, Every Frame a Painting continues to be a great place to learn about films, decoding hidden meanings, and understanding certain choices made in the filmmaking process. Their video essays are extremely informative and act as a great resource book for those looking for understanding films closely.

Follow for: Video Essays around Filmmaking


15. Parker Walbeck – Fulltime Filmmaker