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Importance of a Script Writer - Career Guide

Script Writer or Screen Writer is a person who writes Scripts of the films. This function is so important that whatever this person writes almost everything will appear on the screen. Scripting is a part of the pre-production exercise of the film. The visuals are first decided on papers by a Scriptwriter.

Who is a Script Writer?

Scriptwriters are creative and skilled people who write the whole screenplay of a film. This includes deciding the unfolding of the narrative, sequencing, settings, movement, actions, expression, and dialogues of all the characters in the film. After writing the script a film gets shape and everyone has a fair idea of what the film would look like. Since this function forms the very basis of a film, a Scriptwriter plays a very important role during the making of the film.

How much does a Script Writer earn?

INR 25,000 - 100,000/-- For a Documentary Film

INR 1-5 Lakhs -- For a First Tie Film Screen Writer

INR 5-10 Lakhs -- For an experienced Writer with at least One feature Film behind

INR 10-25 Lakhs --- For a Writer with experience

INR 25 Lakhs and above --- For Seasoned Writers

Above are the minimum rates for a screen writer but if the script is unique and excellent then the remuneration can be higher.

What skills does it take to be a Script Writer?

A screenwriter should be highly creative to capture the essence of the film. It is the scriptwriter who creates magic on the papers before it goes in the hands of the director. The concept is the key. Before writing a script a Log Line and synopsis should be made which would allow the Producer-Director or others like Actors to have a gist of the film.

However some of the key factors are :

Knowing various screenwriting software




A Story Teller

Ability to create drama




What does the job of a Script Writer entail?

The scriptwriter is the kind of person to gives birth to a film/series.He/she should know how to create an impact with their script. Scriptwriters are responsible for explaining the story in detail with the things happening around the character.

During the pre-production process, screenwriters must take into account the ideas of directors and producers they are working with. They should possess the ability to work and collaborate with others. Screenwriters may be asked to rewrite or make various versions of the scripts they are working on.

Screenwriters may come up with original material, write a script based on actual events, or adapt an existing work (such as a book, play, or film). For an adaptation, screenwriters rewrite and rework existing material with legal permission. For scripts based on actual events, screenwriters must research writing.

Desired Qualifications of a Script Writer?

Nowadays there are a lot of film schools where a person can study scriptwriting. But usually, there is no formal education for it. A person learns from his past experiences with the directors and writers. Creativity and talent are essential for anyone who wants to become a scriptwriter. However, a Screen Writer should be a well-read, well-educated person with a grip on events around him/her.