• Kriti Agarwal

How I Made It: Nobody Is Crazy (2019)

Nobody is Crazy (2019) is a story about a lonely teenager with OCD, Rafa, whose overwhelmed mother insists on getting him professional help or he might end up in a military school. Facing the situation, he agrees to visit a self-help group where he meets a somewhat eccentric masked man who claims to be a time traveler. Rafa starts investigating to figure out whether the young guy is who he claims to be and if he has really come from the past or is he just a mentally ill person who has escaped from an asylum.

143 mins | Spanish with English subtitles | Drama, Fantasy | 2019 | Argentina

In its persistent mission and zeal to promote good cinema, the Indian Film Institute brings you the experience of the Director of the film - Federico J. Arioni

Why this subject matter for your film?

I'm interested in stories where a character's arc is important and grows as the story progresses as well. I like psychologically interesting characters. That's why having Rafa, a boy with obsessive-compulsive disorders, who befriends a guy who wears a mask and says that he's a time traveler, seemed to me something that could be entertaining and that could leave some interesting ideas. I like when movies, besides being entertaining, which is very important, connect emotionally with the viewer and can teach them something like culture, history, psychology, philosophy; that they show them another way of seeing the world; and what better way than through a boy who has no friends because everyone thinks he's crazy and a guy who seems crazy because he says he's a time traveler.

Where did you find the story for this film?

I had two stories that I wanted to tell and I put them together to make the story of this film. One of them was the story of a boy with a mild madness, the socially acceptable one, who must deal with the fact of being different, with not having friends, with not wanting to go to school and with a mother who, trying to help him, forces him to go to a self-help group where he meets a guy crazier than him who shows him that there are many things to enjoy outside the books and that we are all crazy in some way. And on the other hand, I had a story of a guy who claims to be a time traveler but could be a crazy guy who makes up all the stories.

What were the challenges you faced in making the film?

The challenges we encountered making the film were very varied, but all due to the fact that it was a film that was made without money. If we had had a budget to pay all the collaborators and to be able to carry out a working full days schedule in a timely manner, we would have finished shooting much faster. In any case, with the collaboration of the few who were, we were able to finish the film with a lot of work. There were times when we didn't have the necessary people so filming had to be postponed. And especially as the days were postponed, the weather brought us problems, 70% of the film was filmed outdoors so we needed the weather to be constant, so if it rained, there was fog, wind, was very cold or something like that we couldn't shoot because it had to be like an autumn afternoon all the time to be constant with the continuity of the film.