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Filming Location - Tirol, Austria

In its persistent mission and zeal to promote good cinema and enable filmmakers across the world to explore the opportunities available, the Indian Film Institute brings you Mr. Johannes Koeck, MA · Head of Cine Tirol Film Commission.

James Bond (Spectre) shoot in Tirol

Cine Tirol Film Commission is the first contact for the realization of feature films, documentaries, commercials, music videos as well as photo shootings in Tirol. Cine Tirol sees itself as the driving force of the film land Tirol: all activities aim to attract film productions to carry out their projects in Tirol in order to trigger positive effects in the economy, medial, and film touristic sense. The Cine Tirol Team is available for advice or assistance and is pleased to provide extensive information about the location in the heart of the Alps.

How good is the Filming ecosystem in Tirol?

Tirol is the ideal film production country for various reasons – the easy access to stunning Alpine locations from lake districts right up the glacier regions, the climate advantage of having four distinct seasons, the central location in the heart of Europe, diverse architecture from historic to modern times, the vital support from local authorities and people living in the area and the skills & know-how of local filmmakers, artists, engineers, craftsmen and other professionals such as mountain and ski guides can be of great advantage to film crews.

What is the rebate/subsidy structure of the Tirol?

Cine Tirol offers a Production Incentive in form of a non-repayable production grant. Production grants are awarded to selected film projects after application review and are subject to budgetary constraints. Production grants are contingent upon the economic effect of the production on the region (‘Tirol Effect’) and/​or the thematic relation of the production to the region (‘Tirol Reference’). Cine Tirol Production Grant applications have to be made in writing before filming begins; three hard copies of the complete application package have to be submitted. Every applicant is required to meet with a Cine Tirol representative for an initial consultation at least 4 weeks before the application is submitted. For more information please have a look at our guidelines.

Please also see: https://www.cine.tirol/en/cine-tirol-production-incentive/

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