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Film Festival & Market Updates: August 2020

Indian Film Institute brings Indie Filmmakers monthly updates of Film Festivals across the globe. See what's going on within Festival circle, whose deadline is coming soon, who are offering discounts, who have opened their entries, which are prominent films, and film markets that are taking place.

Festivals nearing the Deadline

Youth Film Festival


Final Deadline : August 20, 2020

Entry Fee - $10 -$35

Youth Film Festival in the past 2 years was part of the biggest high-school art festival in Macedonia . This year we are establishing an independent film festival whose goal is to bring together the short films of young authors, where filmmakers from across the globe will be able to see their creations and compare their work with their peers.

Oregon Independent Film Festival

Portland /Oregon / United States

Final Deadline : August 17, 2020

Entry Fee - $25 -$50

The Oregon Independent Film Festival hosts hundreds of movie screenings to recognize the best in new and independent cinema. Showcasing films from legendary directors, newly-discovered filmmakers, as well as hosting major studio premiere events.

Dancing Spider Film Festival

United States

Final Deadline : August 20, 2020

Entry Fee - $18 -$60

This festival is an annual celebration where filmmakers from all over and audiences from largely rural areas in the South Dakota and Minnesota plains gather for two days to enjoy films from a variety of genres and formats.

Buzz Vicious Film Festival


Final Deadline : August 20, 2020

Entry Fee - $15 -$50

Buzz Vicious Film Festival’s main goal is to bring together storytellers (whether these stories are original or adapted) and an audience that is passionate about cinema. The yearly event exhibits short and feature films of many genres: drama, horror, comedy, documentaries and alternative and underground filmmaking.

Mindfield Film Festival

Albuquerque / Unites States

Final Deadline : August 27, 2020

Entry Fee - $15 -$45

Mindfield - Albuquerque showcases: Features, Shorts, and Music videos by filmmakers from around the world. We celebrate and support Independent, new, and Alternative filmmakers; not just during our annual Film Festival but throughout the year with our bi-monthly online competitions.

Kosice International Monthly Film Festival


Final Deadline : August 27, 2020

Entry Fee - $10 -$55

The mission and goal of this festival is to discover and promote talented filmmakers from all over the world and present them to the public and therefore is our festival is a brilliant opportunity to participate in international competition.

New Harvest Film Festival


Final Deadline : August 22, 2020

Entry Fee - $15-$40

New Harvest Film Festival is a festival dedicated to the development of young and independent filmmaking in Russia. The festival looks for new authors from all over the world and do the best to let their movies meet a large Russian audience.

London-Worldwide Comedy Short Film Festival

London /UK

Final Deadline : August 17, 2020

Entry Fee - $25 -$50

This festival screens short comedy films from around the globe and connects and promote talented comedy filmmakers from all over the world.It is curated by WWCSFF Film Festivals which also produces the London-X4 Seasonal Short Film Festival and the Asia South East-Short Film Festival.

Open Film Festivals

Reel Youth Film Festival


No Entry Fee

The Reel Youth Film Festival is a touring festival of the world's best youth-made short films. It is a diverse collection that includes all genres, celebrates youth culture, and showcases a new generation of filmmakers.

Twister Alley Film Festival

Entry Fee - $8 -$25

Twister Alley provides the perfect setting for filmmakers and movie fans alike to congregate and celebrate the world of independent film. All selected films screen on the big screen at the Woodward Arts Theater.

Barnes Film Festival

London/United Kingdom

Entry Fee - $11 -$20

This festival aims to celebrate emerging talent in the Film and TV Industry. Barnes Film Festival has an amazing array of patrons including Stanley Tucci, Vanessa Redgrave, Steven Moffat, George Mackay and Director of Film4 Daniel Battsek.

Andromeda Film Festival


Entry Fee - $9 -$15

Andromeda Film Festival is a film festival that was established under the International Cinema Community. Like any other festival it is associated with, one of the goals of this festival is to fight unfair competition.

Fernie Mountain Film Festival


Entry Fee - $25 -$28

This Festival is dedicated to filmmakers who spark awareness of mountain cultures, fragile environments, and the passion and perseverance of global explorers.

San Diego Independent Filmmakers Festival

California/United States

Entry Fee - $8 -$15

The San Diego Independent Filmmakers Festival is a festival where California and Regional as well as International Independent Filmmakers come together to submit their films and compete for the San Diego Independent Filmmaker of the Year Award and $1,000 cash prize for THE SAN DIEGO INDEPENDENT FILMMAKER OF THE YEAR.

Cinema Spectacular Film Festival


Entry Fee - $4 -$10

Cinema Spectacular is an all-Canadian, local cinema celebration of filmmakers working on those low- to no-budget passion projects that make the landscape of independent film so unique, inspiring, and effervescent.

Berlin Film Week


Entry Fee - $25 -$40

This film festival aims to present the best of international and German cinema and create transformational experiences for film lovers, seekers, and creators of all ages and backgrounds.

L’Europe autour de l’Europe Film Festival


Entry Fee - $18 -$60

The festival will screen 100 films (63 features) from a total of 31 countries and 28 MEDIA participating countries. The festival shows feature films, documentaries, shorts, animations, new media and experimental films.

Salento International Film Festival


Entry Fee - $9 -$55

The Salento International Film Festival Is a celebration of films and filmmakers, promotes international independent films, in recognition of the fact that movies are the most powerful form of cultural communication and link between cultures' and peoples'.

Melbourne Documentary Film Festival


Entry Fee - $15 -$45

The Melbourne Documentary Film Festival is a popular and beloved institution and has grown over the last 6 years to become an important and essential Australian film festival, showcasing the world's best and most innovative cutting edge documentaries. If accepted you are guaranteed to be part of an incredible, world class line up.

International Film Festival Of South East Asia


Entry Fee - $25 -$50

BMO IFFSA Toronto is THE LARGEST SOUTH ASIAN FILM FESTIVAL IN NORTH AMERICA, and a pioneer organization devoted to advancing the development, promotion and celebration of cinematic arts.

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