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Who is an Executive Producer? – Career Guide

An Executive Producer to a film is what a CEO is to a company. Every duty that a CEO performs for a company is performed by an Executive Producer for a film or any other entertainment project. They both make major decisions, manage the overall operations, are a point of contact between investors and the crew, and represent the project in public spaces.

Career Guide- Who is an Executive Producer in Films and Shows
Become an Executive Producer in Feature Films

An Executive Producer is one of the topmost positions on a film or entertainment project. Their primary role is securing funds for the project. They either invest their own money or bring investors or a production house on board to do the same. Since they are responsible for bringing funds, their main responsibility is to ensure proper utilization of the funds and get maximum returns on them. For this, they are involved in making all the major decisions for the project - hiring the best line producers, directors, and actors, making the project commercially viable by marketing and publicity, etc.

Let’s take a more detailed look at their primary responsibilities.

Responsibilities of an Executive Producer:

Most of their responsibilities are limited to the pre-production stage. Participation or the amount of involvement in every other stage is at their own discretion.

For executive producers, backing a film with funds is an investment. Hence, their job is to ensure that they get the maximum returns on their investment. Thus, everything that they can do to increase profits – altering/developing the screenplay during pre-production, getting a celebrated face on board to act, marketing and advertising the film in the best possible way, etc. are all the responsibilities of an executive producer.

Let’s check some of the major responsibilities of an Executive Producer:

1. Funding: It’s not a hidden fact that the foremost responsibility of an executive producer is to procure funds for the project. They may put it out of their own pockets or may bring a bunch of people who have the ability to do so. Either way, it is the EP’s role to bring funds on board to kickstart the project. Since it is their own money, or have given their word to someone else about the safety of their money, EPs are also responsible to ensure that the funds are used sincerely and in the most efficient way possible.

2. Hiring Top-Tier Crew: Once the project is finalized, the Executive Producer is responsible for getting the directors and other producers on board. Since a lot of money is involved, an EP has to ensure that the people they hire are at the top of their games and can deliver the best possible results.

3. Approving the Budget: Another responsibility of an EP is to allocate the budget to each department keeping in mind their respective requirements. This involves a lot of research at the pre-production stage like recce, vendor research, etc.

4. Hiring Primary Talent: To ensure that the film does well among the audience, the Executive Producer makes sure that celebrated talent is associated with the project, and hence, is involved in the casting process.