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Creating Bandish Bandits: Why This Amazon Series Got Success

'Bandish Bandits' an immensely popular Web Series on Prime Video has single-handedly revived the interest of young Indians in Indian Classical Music. Learn from the makers as they share the story behind the series and discuss in detail different aspects like casting, musical supervision in the film, and much more.

In the interview, the actors and the director answer the following questions:

  • To Ritwik - Any musical background before Bandish Bandits?

  • To Shreya - Were you closer to your character in any way before Bandish Bandits?

  • To Anand - How did you think of creating Bandish Bandits?

  • To Anand - Thoughts behind casting and process?

  • To Ritwik - Method of preparing for the role?

  • To Shreya - How was Tamanna your alter ego?

  • To Anand - The story behind on-boarding Naseeruddin Shah in the film?

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