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Animated Films Scenario of India

If someone thinks about Indian animated films then characters such as Krishna or Hanuman come to our mind. There is nothing more that has been done in the Indian animated film market. One can find very few homegrown animated movies such as Delhi safari, Roadside Romeo, Arjun The Warrior Prince, Mahabharat, Krishna or Kans, and most of them are mythological movies, and very few are original characters.

The question arises why the Indian industry has such fewer animated films when films like Disney's The Jungle Book animation for the live-action was done in the Bengaluru offices of the Soho-headquartered Moving Picture Company. The film won the Oscar for Best Visual Effects in 2017. A lot of the advanced computer graphics technology used to shoot the tiger scenes in Life of Pi was done in the Mumbai and Hyderabad offices of Los Angeles-based SFX company Rhythm & Hues. Life of Pi won the Best Visual Effects Oscar in 2013.lot of Hollywood animation movies were outsourced and the VFX work was done by the Indian Studios.

But when it comes to making original Indian based animated films the industry is far far behind. The experts say that one of the reasons for this downfall is the lack of original concepts and characters.

On the other hand, animation filmmakers say that first of all Government support for animation is non-existent because, in theory, it is a profitable business, predicted to grow in the coming years. Neither is there a rock-solid television or theatre policy to give space to home-grown animated content.

The Production companies also don't want to take a risk for producing an animated film as the cost of producing an animation film is very high and returns are very low.No one wants to compete in front of giant Bollywood films because of which a lot of creativity takes a back step.

This film traces the origins of Indian Animation, from the pioneering work of Dada Saheb Phalke, it moves to preset day high -tech computer animation. The films underline the important contribution of the Films Division's Cartoon Film Unit. This film was made by famous Cartoonist R. Swamy.

Though animation and Visual Effects (VFX) industry continue to acquire acceptance with Indian talent poised to compete with global counterparts and registering the CAGR of 15.5% in 2017 to reach a size of USD 0.91 billion, driven majorly by a 31% growth in VFX, with animation remaining steady at a growth rate of 9%.But the question remains the same that homegrown animation will be promoted or not.

There is a need to explore more talent and market when it comes to animation. A lot of original ideas are waiting to be made if the filmmakers get support from the government and production as surely India has some finest studios and great animated movies can be made like other western countries.

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