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Top-Up your Filmmaking Game with these 13 Amazing Apps!

With the help of these free and paid filmmaking apps, you are ought to make cinematic, professional films no matter where you are on your filmmaking journey.

Film Production can be a little complex for young and independent filmmakers, especially for the self-learned ones. However, with the help of smartphones, filmmaking has gotten smarter.

There are a number of apps as aids for filmmakers for every stage of production – apps for organization, for technical aid, for collaboration, and the list goes on. These apps make filmmakers’ jobs easy by providing them with solutions to many of their problems in one single pocket.

One of the most intricate parts of filmmaking, in our opinion, lies in its technical aspects. Given that most new and independent filmmakers start with making films on DSLRs, and even on their phones, they particularly have to deal with a lot of technical details with a ‘hit and trial' approach. This is an especially hands-on approach when it comes to cinematography.

To help them make better filmmaking choices, today we are mentioning some great smartphone apps that will make the filmmaking process much easier for them.

1. Shot Lister

Creators of this extremely helpful app know that shooting a film never goes to plan. In addition, they realize that there ought to be last-minute revisions in the script and how important shot listing is. Shot Lister allows to easily organize & store hundreds of scenes & thousands of shots with the flick of a finger. This is also the only software available to easily create a shooting schedule on a shot-by-shot & minute by minute basis. These are just a few of the many features the app offers that make your production seamlessly easy.

Available on: App Store (iOS), Play Store (Android)

Price: Free

2. Scriptation App

Scriptation is a script reading and annotating app. It can be really annoying to make last-minute changes or notes to the script, yet it is inevitable. Scriptation helps you make this otherwise tiresome process very smooth. This widely popular among Oscar and Emmy-winning film professionals app comes with a broad set of features. Its simple-to-use annotation tools, ability to transfer notes in seconds, make separate layers for separate meeting notes, among many others, make it a very lovable software by the industry professionals as well as young and indie filmmakers.

Available on: App Store (iOS)