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Mind to Screen: Certificate Course in Basic Film making 7,8,14,15 March 2020

The course will be conducted over 4 days by experts from the industry and will encapsulate key aspects of the process of filmmaking - from pre to post production.
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Time & Location

Mar 07, 2020, 4:00 PM – Mar 15, 2020, 7:00 PM
Art Konsult, 23, Hauz Khas Village, Deer Park, Hauz Khas, New Delhi, Delhi 110016, India

About The Event

The Indian Film Institute, New Delhi is organising a "Certificate Course in Film Making" in association with Art Konsult.

The course will be conducted over 4 days by experts from the industry and will encapsulate key aspects of the process of filmmaking - from pre to post production. It will be concise in form but comprehensive in scope - and spread over 3 hour capsules every day in March 2020. It will benefit young adults keen on exploring film as a career; and amateurs and young professionals who may be interested in the art of movie making. Exposure to veterans and experienced voices will serve to deepen the understanding of cinema as a whole. Limited seats available. So sign up quick.  

The course will cover the following key disciplines

Module 1 : What is Cinema: A brief history, overall understanding of the art and craft of it

Module 2 : Screenplay: How to write shorts and feature films

Module 3 : Directing Films

Module 4 : Tools of a filmmaker

Module 5 : The Camera- Transforming Objective to Subjective Images 

Module 6 : Sound is the life of the Film

Module 7 : Cutting and Editing

Module 8 : Interactive Session on Acting 

Module 9 : Distribution and Funding

The course will cover the following key disciplines

Module 1: What is Cinema: A brief history and overall understanding of the art and craft of it

A combination of several art forms Cinema needs to be understood first in its entirety as an art form itself. The journey of Cinema since its arrival in 1895 has seen numerous techniques, styles,  approaches to narrate a story. Before embarking upon this journey, howsoever short, the student  must be aware of these aspects. This module delineates these aspects to lay down a resonating layer of understanding on the Student's mind. 

Module 2 : Screenplay: How to write shorts and feature films

The very basis, the foundation for any good film is the creation of a story - with all its layers, texts and sub-texts, characters and sub characters, situations and the pace and manner of their unfolding, the creation of drama. This entire process and much more than this is called Screenplay Writing. This session will effectively unfold the mind, the process, the intricacies and tools that are needed to write a good story.  

Module 3 : Directing Films

Who is a Director. How films are conceived and executed. Basics of Direction, Approaches, Styles.  Samples of great works in the history of International Cinema. From Action to Drama, from romance to horror, from mainstream commercial to art house and so on is the subject matter of this session. Importance of the perspective of the Film Maker.  Getting a glimpse of how a director envisions a film, the process followed by a filmmaker to transform a story from his/her mind to the screen. How to direct short, documentary and feature films. 

Module 4 : Tools of a filmmaker

Using cameras, Sound and Editing to build sequences; How to use the tools of filmmaking; movements and spaces, the importance of ambience, dialogues and music. It will discuss how to piece together the shots and pace the film juxtaposing images against each other. How to combine the three to create a story to have the desired impact, forms the subject matter of this session. 

Module 5: The Camera- Transforming Objective to Subjective Images 

Looking at objects and subjects through a Camera, Camera types, Camera movements, optics, exposures, styles matching the texture of the film. This session will talk about the variety of methods and methodologies, the common techniques, the clichés, capturing the images with required depths. 

Module 6: Sound is the life of a film 

Using sound in a film, recording, processing and mixing of sound.  Indoor and Outdoor situations and sound recording. Sound Effects and Reproducing Sound.  

Module 7: Of Cutting and Editing  

Editing images and sound is real film making. Studios that transform Camera works into meaningful films. The job of an Editor. Creating Sequences and through them the Narrative. Pacing of the Narrative and the Impact. 

Module 8: Interactive Session on Acting 

The job of an Actor, basics, training, Your body, yourself, Voice & Communication. Advice from an  International Actor who has acted in over 200 films.   

Module 9: Distribution and Funding

Understand the basics of Film Distribution, Film Festivals and Funding of a film and how these are as important for a film student as a Good Script. 



Manoj Srivastava

Former Chief, International Film Festival of India (IFFI), Goa and Film Producer & Distributor.

Saibal Chatterjee

National Award Winning Film Critic and Author, Encyclopedia of Hindi Cinema

Praveen Jain

Former Professor, Editing, Film & Television Institute of India (FTII, Pune)

Kunal Srivastava

Executive Producer & Director. Worked on several major feature films and International Commercials.

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  • Student Pass- IFI Filmmaking
    INR 2,832
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